At SAGEarch, we are committed to,

• Client Satisfaction by way of understanding the needs and requirements of the project. Most often

the developer and end user are different- we help achieve this balance by getting involved from Predesign

stage to Permit Stage and construction complete as required.

• An interactive design process is established to understand the clients’ goals and needs to help

develop a program and achievable goals efficiently.

• After initial research we advise regarding feasibility.

• We explore the Site and Context of the given project, study the implications of the Regulatory

requirements, and make modifications as necessary to achieve the envisioned qualities.

• We believe in teamwork with the Client, all consultants, vendors and contractors

during the entire design and construction process.

• We put together the design details most relevant to specific project to make the project a success.

SAGEarch is a MBE/WBE approved firm in NJ.

We currently have Licences in state of NJ, NY, MD and PA; however being our principal architects are NCARB-certified therefore we can get reciprocity of other states.